See what our satisfied clients have to say about us.

The reason why I have been a loyal client of Vanilla is that their friendly team provides good service, recommend suitable products for my skin and understand my skin condition very well. The facials I purchased from Vanilla help soothe my complexion and do not irritate my skin. Their line of skincare help improve my skin and keep fine lines at bay. Friends and relatives complimented on my complexion and asked me where I went for my facial treatments. I must say I am pleased I made the right choice.

Winnie Cheang (Retiree)

since 2003

We have been doing facial treatments at Vanilla for many years. So far the treatments that we have went through showed fairly good results. Initially we had many pimples and blackheads on the face and now they are under control. The products introduced to us helped keep our skin conditions under control. I especially like the Eye Makeup Remover as it helps to clear sunscreen and oil sebum after a long day at work before I start my cleansing routine. Furthermore, the environment of Hougang outlet is soothing and helps us to relax during treatments.

Tan Hui Min (Assistant Executive)

since 2008

I have been going to Vanilla for my monthly facials for more than a decade. My main reason for staying with Vanilla is because I enjoyed every facial session and their staffs are skillful and knowledgeable. I especially enjoyed their massages at the end of each facial. Over these years, we have established a very good rapport. I trust their judgment with every facial package that they recommended me. I have also introduced my daughter to Vanilla for her facials. Furthermore, I also like the conducive environment of Hougang branch and all the beauticians are very friendly and approachable. Finally, I enjoyed the piano music that was being played in the salon....... very soothing!

Vivien Chua (Secretary)

since 2004

I personally enjoy the courses and advanced facials from VANILLA. Service is good and beauticians are knowledgeable and friendly. My skin problems were addressed and VANILLA staffs recommended the best for my skin. I like their cleansing milk, toner, moisturizer, sun block, hydra shimmer, ampoules and especially precious gold caviar.

Margaret (Retiree)

since Jun 2004

Going to Vanilla for facial has always been something I look forward to every month. VANILLA's dedicated beautician takes care of my skin for me.

I also like the products she uses particularly Soft Water and Hydro Dew. Soft Water helps to tone my skin gently and Hydro Dew keeps my skin well moisturized and yet it's not too oily.

Jerene Chim (Teacher)

since 2004

I remember back then when I had a serious acne problem and had to receive treatment from Vanilla twice a week. Shortly after two months, my acne problems were totally healed with the help of their in-house products. I can use their products without any worries.

Products that I have been using includes eye gel, hydro dew, shimmer (sun block), cleanser and various ampoules and masks. The treatments that I have received were Ultra Beamy, NB500 and one of my favorite mask treatment is the golden mask. Thank you for your wonderful service, sharing your expertise in this industry and for the prompt updates of your promotions that are available.

Xueling (Account Assistant)

since 2007

I'm confident in VANILLA's service because many years ago, I caught skin irritation. The VANILLA's professional staff treated me with attentive care. I recovered from the skin irritation and I continued further treatment and skincare till now.

I thank God for leading Vanilla in the beauty industry taking care of customers. May God bless Vanilla.

Tan Teong Hoo

since 2002

I walked into Vanilla and have not regretted since 2009.

Carine Yap (Teacher)

since 2009

I am writing this letter to express my appreciation for your staff, for their excellent customer service. I like their professionalism, advises of your new launch of products and their patience. They handle customers with warm and accommodating attitude.

I think this is the kind of attitude customers want to see and have been with VANILLA since 2004.

Karine Ng (Admin)

since 2004

I had the pleasure of being Vanilla's customer and I never felt so comfortable when I go for beauty treatments before. Vanilla's therapists are very experienced with both outstanding skills in beauty therapy as well as personalities. They are definitely an asset to the company as I believe many customers would agree that they enjoy every beauty session with them.

Vanilla therapists always performed their best and never have I felt that the session was uncomfortable. I will definitely recommend Vanilla to my friends. Thank you Vanilla for all the beautiful experiences and I look forward to many more years with you.

Cheryl Tan

since March 2015

I've been a customer of Vanilla for the past 14 years. What makes me a loyal customer is Vanilla's professional beauticians, effective products and nice environment that makes every facial treatment a relaxing one. I have a sensitive skin condition and I used to have breakouts on my face very often. After receiving treatments at Vanilla and using Vanilla's products (I love its soft water!), my skin condition has improved a lot.

Furthermore, their beautician know my skin condition very well and introduces suitable products and treatments for me. I will introduce my family and friends to Vanilla for their professional knowledge of skin treatment and great facial experience.

Ina Ng (IT Manager)

since 2004

I am extremely satisfied with the facial care provided to me by VANILLA. Being a long-time client of VANILLA for over 20 years, I highly recommend their products and services. Besides having dedicated beauticians and beauty consultants, the staff at VANILLA are friendly and professional, dispensing fruitful advice on different skincare methods.

VANILLA's treatment choices are varied to address the needs of their customers and their extensive range of good and reasonably priced products help to effectively treat different facial conditions. VANILLA gain my confidence as a beauty salon which prides itself in constant innovation (as seen in their development of newer and more effective treatments and products), as well as great attention to details (from the soothing ambience to their wonderful service).

Zayne Fu (Homemaker)

since 1997

I used to have oily skin and seem to breakout a lot at my time of the month. This leads to acne and blemishes that were hard to get rid of.

Despite seeking treatments at famous beauty house and skin specialist, my skin condition did not improve. I continued to have acne breakout due to oily skin condition and my acne scars remained.

I felt depressed and lack of self confidence due to the appearance of my blemished skin. I totally lost confidence in seeking further treatments to achieve a clear and blemish-free skin.

I thank God that I have made the right choice by visiting Vanilla in order to improve my complexion.

Under the care and skillful hands of experienced beauticians, who applied effective treatments and recommending the right Vanilla beauty products that work wonders to my complexion.

After a few treatments with Vanilla, I suffer less acne breakout and my skin became less oily and acne scars subsequently faded. My skin condition continue to improve after each session and I feel refreshed.

I have been with Vanilla for more than 10 years, their beauticians' knowledge and skills made me a loyal client with Vanilla for so long. The beauticians made me feel comfortable and I am assured that my skin is in good hands. A big thank you to Vanilla for giving me my desired complexion.

Lydia Lim Lay Peng (Accountant)

since Jan 2008

I like VANILLA because of the friendly staff and the good service they provide. The facial packages address my specific skin problems well and helps to rectify them.

I also like VANILLA's extensive range of facial products as they are suitable for my skin type and its gentle on my skin.

Evelyn Yeow (Teacher)

since 2008

My experience with Vanilla has always been a pleasant one. The staff is very friendly and we have built a close relationship over these years.

I like using their products especially the Aloe Vera ampoules and Dew Expert mask. They help to hydrate and calm my sensitive skin. As it is a leave-on mask, it is hassle-free whenever I need to use it.

Judith Chim (Executive)

since 2003

It's the great service from the beauty therapist and good products from Vanilla that I am a customer of Vanilla for the past 8 years since Year 2008.

Great service, attentive, friendly, warm, very experienced in recommending best treatment for me. I feel totally at ease with the staff and am assured my face is well taken care of under their skillful hands.

Lydia Lim (Accountant)

since 2008

Before going to Vanilla, my face used to look dull and tired all the time. Vanilla helped my complexion to improve and shine brighter. Their staffs are very patient, friendly and highly experienced facial therapists. Knowing that I have difficulties choosing which facial I would like to have, their staff always recommends the right facial that I need best on that day. This saves me the hassle from choosing.

I find myself always leaving Vanilla as a happy customer.

A good massage is always given after every session. All products from Vanilla such as these hydrating and caviar ampoules has proven to be effective for my dry skin. Vanilla has truly been a great help in making my skin healthy. I strongly recommend Vanilla to any new customers!

Ruth Hannah Das (Teacher)

since 2014