Cell Discoveries

Formulated to provide a complete, year-round daily skincare with active concentrate captured in its purest form to stimulate and improve skin appearance and its vitality from the cellular level.



(Concentrated For Toning & Hydrating Skin)

Multi action (tonic & emollient) care for all skin types. Helps to hydrate skin effectively and minimize pore conditions. Formulated with cucumber for cell growth, repair and skin tightening and allantoin to soothe, protect and hydrate.

The concentrated moisturizing properties regulate the skin’s natural physiological equilibrium to restore compactness and turgidity to the skin.


(Concentrated For Protection, Improving Skin Elasticity & Youthfulness)

Ampoule rich in collagen quality. Smooths skin in an instant. Elastin to enhance elasticity while prolonging effect. Minimizes appearance of fine lines and provides vitality to dull skin.

Combats skin slackening and prevents wrinkles from forming. Suppler and firmer complexion revealed. Protects skin against oxidative stress and an ideal care for dry, environmentally stressed and mature skin.



(Concentrated To Preserve Beauty & Youthfulness)

As a luxury care, our caviar extract provides skin with all nutrients essential to preserve beauty and youthfulness (increased cell renewal).

Fused with caviar extract which is rich in essential amino acids and peptides, which work wonders on mature skin. Also good for the regeneration of cells for skin with acne. Caviar is full of omega 3 fatty acids, which are important for keeping the skin strong and moisturized.

It’s very technical formula also contains marine DNA extract for a deep moisturizing action.



(The concentrate is for skin that is particularly sensitive and delicate.)

Increases oxygen, stimulates cell metabolism and boosts effectiveness. Calms, protects and soothes irritated skin. Prevents and reverses signs of neurogenic inflammation. Maintains and restores a normal skin sensitivity threshold.

Tested in vitro, in vivo and clinical study. According to the tests carried out, it boosts immediate availability of oxygen to the skin : +14% of partial pressure of oxygen after 30 mins. +11% of partial pressure of oxygen after 2 hrs.

Smoothes skin texture and wrinkles. Effect proven in 76% of the volunteers in 28 days : -7% of the skin’s roughness. -5% of maximum depth of wrinkles.

ZnPlus Mineral Care


(Concentrated For Treating Combination to Oily & Imperfections-prone skin)

This mineral care is irreplaceable to purify skin, making easier the disappearance of imperfection such as blackheads and large pores. In time, it leaves skin soft and matte.

An intense skincare which is fortified with Zinc Gluconate helps combat the aging process, restores vitality and promotes healing.


(Concentrated For Revitalizing & Improving Skin Clarity & Youthfulness)

Formulated with an active ingredient directly coming from the orange, this intensive care is moisturizing, anti free radicals thanks to Vitamin C.

Advisable for any skin looking for energy and radiance especially for aging and tired skin. Vitamin C plays an important factor in collagen synthesis to promote healthy skin condition. It improves overall complexion and skin tone while effectively reducing visible signs of aging.

The soya beans prolong the life potential of our cells and strengthen stimulating capacity. Boosts oxygen consumption and increases the natural energy of our cells. If used long term, it stimulates cellular renewal for a brighter skin.