Services (Body)

Here at VANILLA Taste Of Beauty, we aim to shape our clients’ confidence with our extensive range of treatment programs that are specially designed to fulfil the comprehensive needs of various communities in Singapore.

Whether you are looking for an effective body slimming treatment or bust firming and enhancement treatment in Singapore, VANILLA has got your back. Check out our various treatments below.


When exercise fails, VANILLA’s non-invasive detox slimming treatment in Singapore can help you achieve your dream body.

A crowd-favourite among our clients, our detox slimming treatment utilises heat from the thermal blanket to get rid of excess water, harmful toxins and waste fluids from the body. The immune, nervous, cardiovascular, endocrine, and digestive systems, as well as the skin, all benefit from heat therapy. Detox slimming treatments not only aid in the removal of harmful toxins, but it also improves the blood circulation of fatty tissue, which has a poor blood supply, thereby speeding up the breakdown of fatty deposits and assisting in the loss of excess weight.

Our Slimming Detoxification treatment is an effective treatment for slimming as it targets water retention and helps to rebalance and enhance the efficiency of the body’s natural drainage system.


TONED SILHOUETTE Customers' Choice

Apart from Slimming Detoxification, we also offer an alternative body slimming treatment that is well-loved by our clients as well – Toned Silhouette.

Reshape your body with this slimming treatment, which targets and resolves stretch marks and cellulite on the arms, thighs and tummy. If you would like to burn fat and tone your body, this is the treatment for you.

This zero-pain treatment allows you to achieve a slender figure without going under the knife. It helps to lift your butt and slim your arms, thighs and tummy. Moreover, the results are long-lasting (as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle!).

$87.00 - $137.00


Besides treatment for slimming, we also offer treatments for other parts of the body. Treat yourself to our relaxing Velvet Hand Treatment after a long week of work.

Did you know that the same issues that affect your skin can affect your hands? With our gentle scrub and soothing massage, complete with a rejuvenating mask treatment, your hands will feel soft, hydrated and look much brighter.


GOOD BETTER BUST Customers' Choice

If you are looking for a bust firming and enhancement treatment in Singapore, look no further. VANILLA’s Good Better Bust treatment promises to produce nothing but positive results!

The bust area is one of the most feminine parts of the body. Therefore, they should be treated with love to ensure they look firm and well-contoured. Following our non-surgical bust firming treatment, your breasts will be better toned and the tissue in the bust area will be firmer and more supple.



Struggle with rough bumps and scars on your back? Our Smooth Operator treatment is your solution!

Reveal a smoother and more radiant back so you can rock your favourite backless tops with confidence. This treatment is complete with intensive treatment actives or AHA, which is a chemical exfoliant that helps buff away dead skin cells and even out skin texture at $128.

$86.00 / $128.00


This gentle treatment works to safely exfoliate the skin and get rid of unsightly marks and scars. For those who suffer from back acne, our Ultra Spotless Back Treatment will definitely be beneficial as it reduces the visibility of scars and blemishes gradually.