The Negative Effects Of Not Exfoliating Your Skin Regularly

“Exfoliation is just for the thick-skinned”. This statement is a common misconception that many may choose to use to justify their action of skipping out on exfoliation.

We may occasionally decide to omit some steps from our skin care routine. Perhaps you feel that the specific step is unimportant, you’re pressed for time, or you might have some financial constraints.

But, if there’s any step that you should never skip, that is exfoliation.

Did you know that your body sheds about 30,000 dead skin cells every minute? Even when we do not feel it or are not aware, our bodies are constantly replacing dead skin cells with new ones.

Given the frequency with which the body gets rid of dead skin cells, sometimes, these dead skin cells may remain on our faces. They may accumulate with microbial remnants, cosmetics, and natural skin oils, to result in certain undesirable skin blemishes.

Still not convinced? In this article, we discuss what happens when you do not exfoliate your skin regularly.

1. Dull skin
No matter how many brightening products you layer on your face, if you do not exfoliate, your skin will still appear lifeless.

When the skin is rough and has an excessive build-up of dead skin cells, it cannot reflect light as effectively and develops a duller complexion than is desirable. If you notice that your skin lacks radiance, it may be because you haven’t been exfoliating it consistently – after all, exfoliation is one of the secrets to achieving dewy, glowy skin.

2. Textured skin and clogged pores
If you frequently skip out on exfoliating, your skin will likely not feel sufficiently clean, even after a thorough face wash! Clogged pores will leave your face feeling congested and manifest in the form of little bumps on the skin.

You might notice little pimples and a coarser texture on your skin. As mentioned earlier, clogged pores are the result of an excessive build-up of dead skin cells. This accumulation will result in rough or bumpy skin – which makes applying makeup challenging as well.

3. Your skincare products would not absorb as well
Clogged pores prevent your skin care products from penetrating your skin. Instead, your products seem to be lying on top of the surface of the skin. Moreover, as a result of the products’ improper absorption and subsequent mixing with airborne germs and pollution, you may even get an acne outbreak.

In general, you ought to exfoliate your skin every two to three days. Exfoliating too frequently can harm your skin barrier and exfoliating too seldom will not promote a healthy turnover of your skin cells. Remember to always exfoliate your skin after cleansing it.

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