Here's What To Expect From Your First Facial Session

From customised treatments to a deep cleanse of your face, the benefits of getting a facial treatment are aplenty. Now that you have your facial appointment booked in your schedule, you may be wondering what exactly to expect, especially if it is your first time.

Well, don’t worry, because we have got your back. Read on to have all your burning questions answered – here’s what to expect when you visit a Singapore facial salon for a facial.

Prepping your skin prior
While your beautician will be doing most of the work during your facial session, it is still imperative that you get your prep work done prior so that your skin is ready for the treatment.

Generally, sticking with your usual skincare routine is perfectly fine. However, we would recommend steering clear of potent products such as retinol for at least a week before your facial session. This is because such harsh ingredients may result in severe reactions after your facial treatment. Similarly, carrying out DIY extractions at home is something you should strictly avoid – they often cause more harm to your skin than good. Instead, leave it to the professionals!

The general process of a facial
To give you an idea of what to expect during your session, here is a brief overview of 3 common steps of a facial treatment.

1. Cleansing
Cleaning your skin will be the first step of your facial. Your skin care specialist will use a cleanser to gently massage your face and neck in order to get rid of any makeup or dirt on your face. They will then gently wash the cleanser off your face with warm water and a gentle facial sponge, towel, or cotton pad. This helps to create a clean, blank canvas for your skin to receive all that goodness later on.

Pro tip: Try not to wear makeup when going for your facial session, as it’ll be removed as soon as your session starts!

2. Extractions
The extraction process aids in unclogging pores with excess oil, dead skin cells, and other impurities found in the skin. These clogged pores are often a result of acne, blackheads, or whiteheads. A skin specialist will perform the extraction either by hand or with a special metal tool.

As the popular saying goes, “no pain, no gain”. Most people have a love-hate relationship with extractions. They are effective in getting all that gunk out of your pores, but do hurt a little – so be prepared for that! It is common for people to tear up when getting their pores extracted, in fact, your beautician is probably used to clients shedding a tear or two1

3. Facial masks
Arguably the highlight of any facial treatment, your skin specialist will apply a rejuvenating facial mask as one of the final steps of the session. Then, you can shut your eyes and take a rest as your mask sets (typically for about half an hour) and delivers all that goodness to your skin.

If you are experiencing some redness and breakouts after your facial, fret not! Although there are several potential causes for a breakout, stimulation is the major one. Whatever is clogging your pores will rise to the surface as a result of the facial massage, extractions, and the products used on your skin. Simply put, your skin’s condition will often get worse before it gets better.

Most skin specialists will also advise that you avoid wearing makeup for at least 6 hours after your facial. When in doubt, consult your skin specialist – do not hesitate to ask them questions and get their expert opinion.

Facials are incredibly beneficial for cleansing your pores and encouraging the skin to look brighter and more youthful. In addition to addressing typical skin problems, facials can also be tailored to your specific skin type and needs. Hopefully, with this article, you have a better idea of what to expect during your first visit to a facial salon in Singapore for a facial treatment.

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