4 Best Gift Ideas For Him: Birthdays, Anniversaries & More

When it comes to picking out a gift for him, most ladies will be seen sighing in defeat or racking their brains to think of the perfect gift. And it certainly does not help if he is the kind of guy who has everything.

Although you know the man in your life better than anyone else, sometimes, it is undeniable that shopping for him can be overwhelming or stressful, to say the least. Whether you’re shopping for a birthday, anniversary, or even a surprise gift to show your appreciation, shopping for men can be a little tricky.

But before you start stressing, don’t worry, we have got your back. We have compiled a list of 4 gift ideas to get the man in your life that he will surely love and appreciate!

1. Coffee subscription
To get through the workday, some of us depend more on coffee than others. Not being able to function properly without a morning cuppa? If that sounds like your significant other, we have the perfect gift idea for you.

For homemade, fragrant coffee without having to head down to your neighbourhood kopi stall or having to spend too much money at a local café, a coffee subscription is your answer. He will be able to enjoy a hot cup of joe at home anytime he wants!

2. Wallet
What’s something most men carry with them almost everywhere? That’s right, a wallet.

Make this gift a little more special with personalisation! With a personalised wallet, not only would it be a practical gift that he would use daily, but it is also something meaningful as it was customised just for him. He will certainly be able to feel your love through the thoughtful gift!

3. Skincare products
Having the right tools and products for skincare may make all the difference. These days, an increasing number of men are realising the importance of skincare (as they should be!) and how it is not something reserved for women.

Besides, research has shown that males are more prone to have excessive oil and sebum production, enlarged pores, acne, and even facial scarring as compared to women.

If you are sceptical about this gift idea because you can already picture your partner huffing and puffing about having to layer on multiple products in a complicated skincare routine, think again! Skincare for men doesn’t have to be complicated – in fact, a simple routine of fewer than 5 steps is good enough for most males.

Check out VANILLA Taste Of Beauty’s Basic Care Range for skincare products that are formulated to provide year-round daily skincare to promote healthier skin! If you’re unsure of what to get the man in your life, we’d recommend our Ultra-Normalising Milk Cleanser, Moisture-Perfect Toner, and Hydro Dew serum for start!

4. Rejuvenating pamper session
The gift of an experience is probably one of the greatest presents you could ever get someone, especially during a time when most people are feeling stressed out from work. What better way to show your partner you care than by treating them to a rejuvenating pamper session that will leave him feeling relaxed and melt all his worries away?

Break the mould from the customary presents they are used to by gifting your partner a pamper session. You will be giving him an experience he would never have had the chance to enjoy otherwise, since it is unlikely to be something he would consider treating himself to a pamper session.

What’s more, it also allows you to spend some quality time together! It’s time to mix things up if your typical romantic date is only going out to dinner or the movies. Nothing can add spark to a relationship like some self-care me-time as a couple!

Here at VANILLA Taste Of Beauty, we understand the struggle of picking out a gift for the special gentleman in your life. Hence, we have curated a special “For Him” package that is the perfect gift for your partner no matter the occasion – whether it is for their birthday, an anniversary, or any other event.

For just $238, the “For Him” package includes:

  • 2 x 60mins Facial
  • 1 x Essential Gel Cleanser BC0106
  • 1 x Pro Oxygen Serum OXY1

If that isn’t a great deal and the ideal gift for him, we don’t know what is!

With this helpful guide, you can say goodbye to worrying about what to get the man in your life. If we had to recommend just one gift idea from the list above, it would undoubtedly be the last one – a pamper session! Although it may not have always been at the top of your list of presents for men, it should be right now! Your partner will love the experience, and they will love you even more for providing it to them.

VANILLA Taste Of Beauty is a beauty salon in Hougang and Sembawang that has been providing a range of beauty services since our establishment in 1997. We are the one-stop beauty shop for anyone looking for a facial, skincare products or a detox slimming treatment in Singapore. To learn more about VANILLA Taste Of Beauty’s services and our “For Him” package, feel free to contact us here today and we would be happy to assist you!